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pretty cool overall shape and look. For the case size, you're looking at 40 millimeters in diameter, so that's my index finger to my thumb here. You're looking at 40 millimeters in diameter, and for that 40 millimeters in diameter that's actually just the size of the case, but from the lug to lug, from this lug to this lug, perfect fake watches you're looking at a wearable size of 50 millimeters, while the left side of the case to the right side, to the crown, you're looking at a 45 millimeter. So. The side profile of it, however, is where it really begins to shine, because as you can see, the side profile, it actually isn't very thick at all. It's about nine millimeter in thickness, so it's a very thin profiled watch. Will sit on your wrist very nicely, as the overall shape tapers very nicely from the case to the strap. So it sits on the wrist very nicely, hugs it comfortably, and overall is a very, so much of a joy to wear. Moving on. To the crown now. The crown just serves simple functions, it is a screw down crown, unscrews counterclockwise. As I've shown you, the power reserve indicator is wound in the first position. The only other position is the hand setting position in which you can set the hands bidirectionally. Of course they'll stop, or, yeah, so, the hands are set bidirectionally.

And always make sure to screw the crown nice and tight against the case. As that keeps this Nautilus water resistant for up to 60 meters and 196 feet. Okay, so let's go ahead and move on to the strap now. The strap is just a brown alligator leather strap. It's actually very beautiful, very well made. One thing I like to show is just a overall frontal view. As you can see the tapering from the case lugs all the way down to the strap, it has a very beautiful taper, and that really helps with it being very comfortable on the wrist, and helping that overall aesthetic look. The brown really complements and contrasts that rose gold, and just looks very beautiful. But however, if you don't prefer the leather band, this watch actually comes under a different reference number, for a full rose gold band, and the reference number for that one if you want to check it out is 5980. For the clasp, here's the clasp. As it is brand new of course it's off the, the strap isn't fully attached to the clasp yet. The clasp is a twin double, twin double deployment clasp. Or rather, a twin trigger double deployment clasp. Let's see, shown there. Okay. So. Let me show that again. So, the buttons are on the side of the deployment, right here, and that opens up the first side. And then right here, pops off the second side. And very beautifully made, taking into consideration of, usually the deployment clasps like this are usually symmetrical in replica gold watch size, so that they both open up to around the, you know, they both open up to the same size. But they keep in mind that the, sometimes it actually is confusing for some people that the deployment is actually supposed to follow a set, that one side is supposed to go down first and then the other side comes down on top. So, that smaller portion of the deployment really helps with keeping that idea, of that this side, the smaller side going down first, and the larger side closing in on top. Okay, let's go ahead and move on to the movement now. The movement is housed in this beautiful exhibition case back.

The movement is a mechanical self winding movement, it's Patek Philippes caliber 240 PSIMRMCLU. It has a mini 22 karat gold rotor at the bottom here. Keeps a power reserve of a minimum of 38 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. It's a movement made up of 265 different parts, about 29 jewels. Okay, let's see if I can give a closer look. And look at beautiful machined finish patterns on the bridges, you can see that horizontal, and then the circular ones at the bottom there. Try to tilt it towards the light, give you a better view of that. Absolutely gorgeous. On the actual case itself, we have small hallmarks in each corner. We have this 750 at the top right here, and I believe the Patek logo on the top left. We also have the Patek logo on the rotor itself, stamped there. And also o n the strap here on the left. Okay, so let me actually go ahead and show you this watch on the wrist now. Unfortunately I can't put this fully on, so. I'll try my best here. Okay, okay. So that's how the watch looks on the wrist. Alright, just absolutely gorgeous watch. Let me show you the side profile now. As you can see, doesn't sit very high at all on the wrist. Will fit under suit coats, dress coats, very nicely, very easily. Okay, so if you're interested in purchasing this model or any other model for the lowest possible price, check out our website at We have the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer free shipping and a one year warranty. And if you liked the blog, please like, comment, and subscribe below. We've got lots more to show you guys, thanks for read. Hope to see you guys soon.Hey everybody. Today I look at a nice Chinese homage watch to an IWC Portugues made by PARNIS.

It uses a Chinese Seagull Automatic movement, and this particular one features saphirre glass and a power reserve indicator. First, wrist watch check. Today I'm wearing my Fossil Moonphase, check out my review of it from a few weeks back. Anyhow, let's get this box open! In case you're wondering, Fanmis is one of the Parnis distributors who sells on Amazon... Where I got this ladies replica watches watch... I probably could have purchased this watch a bit cheaper on eBay, but for a few bucks more this one offered a Saphirre crystal, as well as quick shipping and easy returns as it is being shipped from a warehouse in America. Opening the box, I see a tasty packet of silca gel that will make a nice snack later on. Next comes a pretty nice instruction manual that I'll probably never read. Finally we get to see the watch itself after removing a bit of plastic. I appologize for the lighting in this blog, in a minute I'll be showing some closeups of the watch in better lighting. The back of the watch has a display window to see the Seagull automatic movement. As expected, the watch band is made from fake leather and is WAY to short for my use. I picked up this nice blue/grey leather NATO strap as a replacement. It seems to match the blue parts of the watch and looks fine. Here's watchbot to give us some more information on the watch. Thanks Watchbot! Parnis makes many homage watches fake rolex all gold including making look alikes to Omega, Panerai, Rolex, and many others.

This PARNIS is an homage of the IWC Portuguese watch. The IWC goes for around $6000 compared to a bit over $100 for the PARNIS. Anyhow, the one major complaint I have is the excessively LOUND automatic rotor when it spins. It makes an otherise fine watch sound cheap, and I would have gladly given up the display back if a stainless back cover would make the watch quieter At any rate, that's all I have. If you enjoyed this blog, please like comment and subscribe! Thanks for read! ADDENDUM Here is a better shot with the right lighting. As you can now see, the watch has a silvery dial with nice metallic blue hands and applied numbers that really pop. Overall has a very nice sort of "machine age" look to it. The watch features a 40 hour power reserve indicator at 12-o-clock, and the seconds hand is placed in the subdial at 6-o-clock. Here's the watch after putting on it's new NATO strap. Honestly, I had seen and liked the PARNIS watch first, so for me it's not an homage watch. Personally I like the PARNIS silver and blue dial as opposed to IWC's white and blue dial. Overall I give the watch a thumbs up. If I were to change anything, it would be for them to do something about the excessively loud automatic rotor. But I would have traded in the display back for a stainless steel one if it could make the watch quieter. That is my one major complaint about the watch is you won't believe how loud the automatic rotor is when it spins.Hey guys, this is coming from and today we're doing be doing a comparison between the Rolex Yacht Master 40, reference number 116622. And we'll be comparing it against the Yacht-Master II, reference number 116680. We'll be comparing the dials,

bezel, case, crowns, bracelets, clasps and we'll talk about the movements towards the end of the blog. So as of May 2017, you can get the Rolex Yacht Master 40 at an authorized Rolex retailer for 11550 dollars or you can get it at for as low as 9700 dollars. For the Yacht-Master II, you can get this at a Rolex retailer for 18750 dollars or you can get it at for 14200 dollars. So let's go ahead and jump right into the bezels. Or rather not the bezels, but the dials. So for the dials, configuration wise the Yacht Master 40 has more configuration options than the Yacht-Master II. The 40 comes in the rhodium with light blue Yacht Master texts and light blue seconds hand. Additional configurations are the blue sunburst dial with red texts and red hand and the platinum dial with red red texts and hands as well. For the Yacht-Master II, unfortunately the dial does not change, the dials stays as a beautiful white dial with contrasting blue and red texts. Indicators throughout the dial. The only thing that does change is the material quality of the material of the watch. This is a stainless steel version, it can also come in a full yellow gold version or a two-tone rose yellow er, rose gold and stainless steel combination. Okay? So let's go ahead and take a look at the dials now.

So for the dial we have the Maxi, for the victorinox swiss army replica watch hour markers, we have Maxi hour markers, which is 30% larger hour markers than the normal Rolex circular markers, so we have the circular markers. At the six, nine and twelve positions, we have two index markers and a triangle at the 12 o'clock position. These hour markers are luminescent so they provide excellent readability at night and daytime. rolex replica watches site reviews For the hour markers on the Yacht-Master II, we have these square hour markers. Actually the new updated versions come with the twelve and six o'clock position as triangle hour markers for more legibility and easier viewing of the dial. The markers are luminescent as well. Fortunately, I believe the 40 wins out in terms of readability as these markers are small little luminescent squares. The hands, comparing the hands now, the Yacht-Master 40 has the Mercedes hour hand, which is you can see as that's luminescence as well. The minute hand has a full bar of luminescence. Where as the Yacht-Master II, we have these beautiful sword hands. I'll try to shine them in the light here so you can see that blue color.

It's absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, there is only luminosity on the hour hand as the seconds hand is skeleton or rather the minute hand is skeletonized so it doesn't block that timer on the bezel, er on the dial. For the date portions, the Yacht-Master does have a date at the three o'clock position, with cyclops lens on replica rolex bezel top of that crystal. For magnification and easier viewing of that date. Where as the Yacht-Master II does not contain the date, but contains a second sub dial at the six o'clock position that tracks that 60 second timer. One thing I forgot to mention, is that the Yacht-Master II is a chronograph watch. It is a chronograph watch that's why the central seconds hand does not move unless started by the chronograph pushers at the two and the four o'clock position. Alright, so besides that, let's go ahead and move onto the bezel now. For the bezel, we have a 60 minute graduated platinum bezel. It's the sandblasted platinum on the back board raised, high-polished numerals, as you can see. And that's going to be the same type bezel for all three configurations of the Yacht-Master 40.

And the bezel itself is bi-directional, moves left and right and it easily tracks elapsed time. As if you were to say you wanted to track the elapsed time from this 15 minute mark and as it moves down, you can track the elapsed time as so. For the Yacht-Master II, it's a bit more complicated, but we have we definitely have a beautiful blue ceramic bezel that keeps, that will keep it shining, keep that blue color throughout its lifetime because it is ceramic. It offers a very nice shine, it's just absolutely gorgeous. Specifically for the timer portion, unfortunately it is a bit complicated to use. We do have a separate Youtube blog on our channel that fully explains how to use the command ring bezel with Regatta timer. And you can check that out after this blog. So for the crowns portions, as these both are sports watches, we do have the crown guards to protect the crown. For the case size, you are looking at different sized cases. As it wasn't obvious enough from the larger viewing area of the Yacht-Master II versus the Yacht-Master 40. The Yacht-Master 40 as the name states, it is 40 millimeters in diameter watch from my index finger to my thumb. That's 40 millimeters in diameter. Where as the Yacht-Master II is 44 millimeters in diameter from my index finger to my thumb here.

So for the side profiles of the watch, the Yacht-Master 40 will have a smaller profile as it is using a very widely used Rolex Movement 3135 so it has a much smaller casing. Where as the Yacht-Master II has a much higher profile because it is a chronograph watch with all those different functions. It has to be cased in a larger case size. So if you're looking to slip something under your suit cuff, dress cuff, you easily might want to go with the Yacht-Master II here, rather the Yacht-Master 40. They both have a high polish on the side that travels very or powers very nicely with the bracelet. For the other side, we have the same high polish as well, of course larger crown size on the Yacht-Master II because it is a larger case size, but we still have that same Rolex logo on the crown itself. Now for the functionality of the crown, the Yacht-Master 40 does have a little bit more functionality than the Yacht-Master II. It's because we have the date in the three o'clock position.

They're both screwed down to unlock double waterproof systems. I actually go ahead and show you here. So and it screws counter-clockwise to the hand winding position in which you can wind the watch. The feature that the Yacht-Master II does not have, if you tug the crown, very gently here, you can set the date instantaneously as shown. And both and of course in the final positions, for both watches where the crown is fully outwards, you can adjust the hand bars directionally. Both have the feature of the seconds hand or the half movement completely stopping. So you can set time precisely to an atomic clock online or your iPhone. You can set it down to exact seconds. And another thing is always make sure to screw the crown nice and tight against the case. As you want to keep the watch water resistance for up to 100 meters or 330 feet and that applies to both watches. Both the Yacht-Master 40 and the Yacht-Master II.

They both have the same water resistance. Okay, so let's go ahead and talk about the bracelets now. So for the bracelets, they both have same style bracelet, which is the oyster three piece links. That has the high polish down the center, with a sand brushed steel on the outer portions of the three piece links. As you can see, gives it a beautiful contrast. For the class we have the same style class, they both pop out. The safety holding oyster class as you can see, this is a safety portion which is a little hinge that sits on top of the folding oyster. Which as shown pops out like that very easily. The Rolex name is embossed on these high polish class plates. Which is actually a recent thing that Rolex has started to do. They used to have a sandblasted class or class blade, but it's now all high polished with a nice Rolex engraving on them. Now for the behind the class, they both have the same functionality in terms of adjusting the class for small five millimeter increments. And I'll go ahead and show you here, this one is the Yacht-Master 40 in my hand, at the very bottom here, there's a little indentation for the class and that's adjusted by a little pin behind the class, er behind the bracelet. You have to adjust it with a little tool and press a class foreword. It a little pain there, but it's still nice to have that little functionality to adjust the bracelet for more comfortability on the wrist when it gets hotter or when it gets colder, when your wrist expands and compacts.

Alright, so let's go ahead and talk about the movements now. The movement as I mentioned before for the Yacht-Master 40, it uses a very widely used movement. The movement is the Rolex's in house made movement, perpetual self winding mechanical movement, it is a caliber 3135 movement which is the movement used in submariners, deep-sea dwellers and such. They all use that very simple movement. So you know that the movement is quality. It's been tried, it's been tested, it's definitely a solid movement. The precision of the movement is got a minus two plus two seconds a day. Has that simple functions of a center arrow. Hour, minutes and seconds hand with a instantaneous changing of the date. And it's stopping at the seconds by showing you with the crown. The oscillators is a pair of magnetic blue called Parachrom Hairspring. Which has a little magnetic resistance to the oscillator. And the power reserve is approximately 48 hours. So you can put this down on an Friday evening, pick it back up on Sunday evening and it should still be keeping time just fine. For the Yacht-Master II, we have a house in a large oyster cage backing.

It is also a perpetual mechanical self-winding movement. It is also a rogato chronograph movement. Which allows for the function of chronograph pushers. It's a caliber 4161 movement that's in house manufactured. With the same precision of that minus two plus two seconds a day. It has the functions center arrow, and minute ten. The small seconds hand and the sub six o'clock sub dials, I've pointed out before and it actually has a programmable countdown with mechanical memory and on the fly synchronization. Stopping the seconds hand for precise time setting. As I said before, we do have a Youtube blog explaining the whole function of the chronograph. Just for small showing, the two o'clock position chronographs starts and stops at main central seconds hand, the red hand. Pressing it will stop it, pressing it will start it. You can also do sort of a fly back as it can reset. Normally chronographs don't have this best website to buy replica watches ability to reset. The central seconds hand on the fly like swiss made replica watch this. You usual Replica hublot Watches Swiss Movement ly have to stop and replica watch uk paypal reset. But Yacht-Master II has that nice ability to do that sort of reset very easily. Alright so besides that, same thing. A pair of magnetic blue replica watches from china Parachrom Hairspring for little magnetic resistance, but the power reserve of this watch is actually much higher, 72 hour reserve. So you can put this on Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday evening and it should still be keeping time just fine. So let me actually go ahead and show you these watches on my wrist now. Starting with the rhodium Yacht-Master 40. As you can see very simple, very easy to use class. Very tight, very secure. Nice balance between being a sports watch and a luxury dress watch as you can see with the high polish oyster links, very beautiful. And let me go ahead and show you the Yacht-Master II now. Pop that open. Slap that on there. Sorry, not very good on my left hand.

Alright, so there's the Yacht-Master II on the wrist. Here they are side by side. Here's the side profiles, as you can see, Yacht-Master II definitely sits much higher on the wrist. So if you're interested in any of these watches, or any similar models, for lowest possible price, check out our website at we have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer free shipping and a one year warranty. And if you like the blog, please like, comment, subscribe below. We got lots more to show you guys. Thanks for read! Hope to see you guys soon!I challenge you to identify the replica model before you start this blog stay here until blog finish we know what are the differences we are where can i buy a replica watch going to disarm them to see them more deeply hi my friends, in this blog we are going to analyze the differences between original vs replica ga110gb this watch best know as mechanic gold n black or ga110gb this model dates from the year 2000 .

Although it seems a recent model , it has been on the market for a long time This is one of the most sold watches and it is considered a classic of this line ga means analogic g shock. analógic means it has hands all watches have the digital part gb means gold n black in reference because it was created thinking giving this combination black and gold the color black is accentuated by gears and golden spheres that give a spectacular mechanical appearance to this watches these are replica and original boxes you do not see many differences What I can say is that in replica box at the bottom is not well-armed and it has no barcode if you see some other differences leave it in the comments we light the watches with lantern and we see the first difference is..

fake Rolex real gold replica Rolex gumtree replica Rolex wall clock replica Rolex USAreplica Rolex in united states

original watch has brown and black the second difference is in color watch strap it has two colors ( watch strap) black and gris in the original there are not those two colors of the strap replica has sticker front side and back side replica sellers can take out those stickers in order to cheat people as you can see replica machine is protected only with plastic It has many screws black point is the principal circuit inside we observe some filaments these filaments are the coils which are those make the hand s move there are two coils which means there are two motors one is the hour, minute, and the second one is the velocity indicator replica watch has CR2025 battery replica watch has CR2025 battery and original watch has CR1220 battery in the replica the edge is very golden in the original the edge is not very golden centre is very golden ( original ) we note the velocity indicator , the edge is very pronounced we note the velocity indicator ,

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